Product Features


  • Market-leading counting speed (336/minute)
  • Market-leading hopper capacity (1,100 coins)
  • Professional grade with anti-jam technology
  • Batch counting & add functions
  • Auto-stop prevents overfilling of coin cups
  • Large LCD screen displays entire count report
  • Displays helpful on-screen instructions
  • Suitable for the new & old £1 coin
  • Sorts mixed coins into separate cups
  • Reports the total value & quantity counted
  • Reports value & quantity per denomination
  • Memory function saves your batch settings
  • Back cover & auto-diagnostic for maintenance
  • Auto-stop when hopper is empty
  • Compatible with the ZZap P20 printer
  • Easy to operate & professional manual
  • Compact & portable design
  • Different currency versions available


With the fastest counting speed and largest hopper capacity in this price range, the CS40 has created a new class of its own. Professional-grade reliability is also built into the design with an all-new powerful motor, an automatic reverse to clear coin jams & the latest sensor technology. The unique LCD screen enables you to view the full counting report on one screen and also displays helpful on-screen instructions.

Naturally, the CS40 counts the new & old £1 coin. Automatic stop prevents overfilling the coin cups and with its batch function preparing bank bags, coin rolls & cash drawers has never been easier. It even saves your batch settings. The optional P20 Printer also enables you to print your count report in seconds.

Market Leading Counting Speed

The CS40 has the fastest counting speed of any other coin counter in this price bracket (336 coins per minute). This enables you to eliminate human error, simplify your cash handling process and save time. The latest sensor technology ensures maximum counting accuracy & reliability.

0x Faster Than Hand Counting

Market Leading Hopper Capacity

Similar to its counting speed, the CS40 also has the largest hopper capacity in its class. Its impressive 1,100 coin capacity means less time refilling the hopper and more time for other responsibilities.

Professional With Anti-Jam Technology

The CS40 was engineered to be the most reliable in its class. Thanks to its all-new motor it can withstand heavy use and with its unique automatic reverse gear it can even clear coin jams. The removable back cover also provides easy maintenance access.

Whether it’s the robust sorting disc, automatic self-diagnostic or it’s powerful motor, this coin counting machine guarantees accuracy and reliability in each and every count.

Batch Counting & Add Functions

Preparing bank bags, coin rolls & cash drawers has never been easier. Simply input a batch quantity for each denomination and the CS40 will automatically pause counting each time a denomination reaches the programmed quantity. The CS40 will save your batch quantities to optimise your workflow.

If the hopper needs refilling you can utilise the add function. Simply refill the hopper and press the start button to continue counting. This allows you to keep track of the grand total across individual runs, ideal for large coin volumes.

Auto-Stop Prevents Overfilling

The CS40 automatically pauses counting once a coin cup is full, to prevent overfilling. The large display indicates the denomination that needs emptying. Simply empty the coin cup and press start to continue counting.

Displays Entire Count Report

Unlike small LED screens, the CS40 uses a unique LCD screen that offers several benefits. The quantities and values for each denomination can be viewed at the same time as the grand totals, all conveniently displayed on one screen in real-time.

The large backlit screen can also display helpful on-screen instructions for maintenance, batch counting & other functionality.

Easy To Operate & Professional Manual

To ensure staff can operate the machine with minimal instruction, we’ve made sure the CS40 operation is quick and painless. Unlike other manufacturers, we also make sure our user manuals are top-quality, saving you time & hassle.

Compact & Portable Design

The CS40 space-saving design enables it to fit perfectly on small countertops. Its lightweight design also makes it easy to transport to another workstation.

36 cm33.6 cm

Need To Count Other Currencies?

Coin counters and sorters are configured for 1 currency, therefore we offer a range of currency versions. Select the version you require in the dropdown list at the top of this page.

Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Suitable for the new & old £1 coin
  • Currency: GBP
  • Hopper capacity: 1,100 coins
  • Tray capacity: 450 coins
  • Weight: 4.22 KG
  • Dimensions: 33.6 x 36 x 28.2 cm
  • Power: AC220V-240V/50Hz
  • CE certified

Package Contents

  • ZZap CS40 Coin Counter & Sorter
  • User manual
  • Power cable
  • 8 coin trays

Optional Extras

3 year warranty

Customer reviews for this product

The counter works well and is good value for money. It does everything it claims but you need to be able to work with its limitations. Coin loading hopper is large but the count is disrupted if you overfill the output containers. £1 and 50p containers are good for around £100 total. So if you need more you have to use the “”batch mode”” and empty the container when it reaches its batch total. This is a counter it is not a machine that sorts and rejects foreign coins. For that you need a banking level machine like the CS80. This machine will not separate new and old £1 coins they all go into the same output container. For us no big deal but be prepared.


Great money counter! Used it a few times so far and it counts really well and fast. Love the digital display as well.


Very pleased with this and makes counting the churches money much easier and quicker


Great Buy! Great unit. Tested every denomination for count accuracy and all came out perfect.

Mike F.

I have tested all uk coins plus new and old one pound coins, and works fine for all


It does what it says on the tin

David Gibbons

Great speedy delivery thanks


Excellent seller…highly recommended!


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  • cash counting machine counts 220 coins per minute

    ZZap CS20 Coin Counter

    • Counts & Sorts
    • 220
    • Max. 500 coins
    • Max. 300 coins
    • Commercial Grade
    • LED
    • 3 Years
    • 3.2 KG
    • 30.6 x 34.5 x 26 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £129.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • money counting machine counts the new and old £1 coin

    ZZap CS20+ Coin Counter

    • Counts & Sorts
    • 220
    • Max. 500 coins
    • Max. 300 coins
    • Commercial Grade
    • LCD
    • 3 Years
    • 3.2 KG
    • 30.6 x 34.5 x 26 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £149.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • coin counter machine is quick and easy to use

    ZZap CS30 Coin Counter

    • Counts & Sorts
    • 300
    • Max. 700 coins
    • Max. 350 coins
    • Commercial Grade
    • LCD
    • 3 Years
    • 4.1 KG
    • 31.8 x 35 x 28 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £169.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • coin counter machine counts the new £1 coin

    ZZap CS40 Coin Counter

    • Counts & Sorts
    • 336
    • Max. 1,100 coins
    • Max. 450 coins
    • Commercial Grade
    • LCD
    • 3 Years
    • 4.22 KG
    • 33.6 x 36 x 28.2 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £209.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • zzap coin counter has large lcd screen

    ZZap CS50 Coin Counter

    • Counts & Sorts
    • 1100
    • Max. 1,300 coins
    • Max. 550 coins
    • Heavy Duty
    • LCD
    • 3 Years
    • 7.3 KG
    • 44 x 28 x 32 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £649.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • ZZap CS70 Coin Counter-Coin Sorter-Money Counting Machine-Suitable for the new & old £1 coin

    ZZap CS70 Coin Counter

    • Counts, sorts & rejects
    • 600
    • Max. 350 coins
    • Max. 1,200 coins
    • Steel
    • LCD
    • 18 Months
    • 13 KG
    • 28 x 36.5 x 29.4 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £1,399.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • ZZap CS80 Coin Counter-Coin Sorter-Money Counting Machine-Save and view previous counting reports

    ZZap CS80 Coin Counter

    • Counts, sorts & rejects
    • 600
    • Max. 7,000 coins
    • Max. 1,100 coins
    • Steel
    • LCD
    • 18 Months
    • 32 KG
    • 31.3 x 67.3 x 50.6 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £2,199.99 (ex. VAT)

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  • ZZap CC10 Coin Counter-Money Counting Machine-Automatically rejects odd coins/tokens into a rejection tray

    ZZap CC10 Coin Counter

    • Counts sorted coins
    • 2300
    • Max. 5,500 coins
    • n/a
    • Steel
    • LED
    • 3 Years
    • 11 KG
    • 36.2 x 24.0 x 27.0 cm
    • AC220-240V/50Hz
    • £489.99 (ex. VAT)

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