How accurate are money counting machines 

zzap nc30 new polymer note counterIn this modern day and age, we’re all looking for ways to make our lives easier and save time. If you run a cash handling business, here’s some good news for you – you can make your life much easier by purchasing one simple item. By investing in a money counting machine, not only will your employees save time, it will also give you peace of mind that the numbers counted are 100% accurate every time. So, rather than having that niggling thought that there could be an error and having to re-count a float, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your notes have been counted in a fraction of the time with more accuracy than any human manually counting could bring.

Fast facts about ZZap note counters

  • Ability to process more than £20,000 in as little as 13 seconds
  • All note counting machines are polymer ready
  • Ability to count single or mixed denomination, even on low quality notes
  • 3 year warranty
  • Central bank certified
  • Up to ten-fold counterfeit detection

So, you’re wanting to find out just how accurate money counting machines are? Let’s take a look at some of their qualities which make them the most effective method to save you time to give your attention to bigger priorities within your business.

zzap nc40 new polymer banknote counterWe already know note counters are 100% accurate, but what other features do they have to make them even more trustworthy? Well, one such feature is the double note detection which is built into most machines. This means if two banknotes are fed through together without the operator realising, the machine will stop and alert you so you can separate the notes and restart your count for a correct reading. This electronic type double note detection works thanks to infrared sensors which is analysed by the machine.

Banknote counters also have built-in counterfeit money detection technology, so if any fake notes run through the machine you will also be alerted. This technology works in many ways – using ultraviolet or infrared light, size detection, metal thread and magnetic detection or by detecting the serial number printed on each banknote. Banknote counting machines are so smart that some will use all of these technologies to prevent your business from falling victim to counterfeit thieves. 


Another technology which helps money counting machines to be so effective is their ability to count and detect the weight of notes. While banknotes and coins always have a very precise weight when they are originally circulated, in time notes can pick up dirt or grime and become heavier, and coins could have tiny pieces chipped away through wear and tear. There is a lot of mathematics built into certain counting machines which help to keep the calculations correct. Within any machine’s memory is a table of weights for all supported currencies and denominations, whether loose or in bags or bundles. This allows you to count a range of coins and banknotes in seconds, saving you time to focus on other parts of your business.

If you’re still left with some questions before purchasing your note counting machine, here’s some additional information to help with your decision:

How long does it take to count notes?

The answer to this depends on which machine you’re looking at. ZZap note counters range from 600 notes per minute to 1,900 notes per minute. As you can see, this is much faster than any human could possibly count manually. In fact, we’ve done the math for you and calculated that a ZZap note counting machine will count mixed banknote denominations 29 times faster than manual counting and our coin counters work 15 times faster than a manual count.


What condition do the notes need to be in?

As long as the note is flat, it will be able to be counted by a note counting machine. The only issue would be if a note is folded or heavily creased. If you’re dealing with brand new notes, they can sometimes stick together more than notes that have been around for a while. The easiest way to overcome this before a count is to fan through the notes a few times before putting them through your money counting machine.

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