Fake Or Designer?

As a supplier of counterfeit detectors, we at ZZap decided to do a bit of investigating into the world of counterfeit and find out exactly what the UK population make of it all. We conducted a survey on 485 UK adults across the age ranges 18 to 65. The results revealed that 3 in 10 people had bought a fake or counterfeit item in the past So… we probed these individuals for further information!

The infographic below shows the results. It is perhaps not surprising that the most popular category of counterfeit items purchased was the one that included clothing, shoes, handbags, belts and sunglasses as we are all too aware of the availability of these types of products when we go on holiday abroad. However with 27% of counterfeit items being bought abroad, it is worrying that not much less of a percentage, 20%, are being purchased in UK shops. Shockingly, only 43% of those who had purchased counterfeit items in the past actually knew it was illegal to buy fake goods. Whilst 42% were unsure on where the law fell regarding the purchase of counterfeit items, 15% actually believed it was legal.

Our survey also uncovered that 100% of 25-34 year old women never check bank notes passed to them for fakes but perhaps this is due 35.4% of people believing that they can visit a bank to return a counterfeit note that has been passed to them in exchange for a genuine note. It’s definitely worth investing in an up-to-date and accurate counterfeit note detector if you are a retailer. Chose from our range of counterfeit note detectors.


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