ZZap MS40 Money Scale

Product Features


  • Market-leading display with quick menu
  • Count your entire cash drawer in 2 minutes
  • Unique 2 KG weight capacity
  • Counts new & worn cash
  • Detailed & easy-to-read count reports
  • Counts coins, notes, bags, rolls, bundles, clips
  • Suitable for all new & old banknotes & coins
  • Calibrate & use any coin cup
  • Save & view count reports in the memory
  • Export count reports to a PC
  • Download free currency updates
  • Counts multiple currencies
  • Automatic add & scroll features
  • Reference numbers & date-time stamps
  • Counts tokens, chips, vouchers & tickets
  • Automatic calibration for continuous use
  • Space-saving & portable design
  • Can also be used as a precision weighing scale


The MS40 is the ultimate all-in-one time saver. Thanks to its unique display it’s able to show detailed reports, menus & instructions in an easy to read format. The MS40 has the highest weighing capacity in its class, meaning less time refilling the hopper. Its precision accuracy also allows it to count new and worn cash together. The MS40 can count coins, banknotes, coin bags, coin rolls & banknote bundles in multiple currencies. It can even count non-cash items such as tokens or vouchers.

The MS40 can work with any coin cup including your own cash drawer coin cups. Combined with its automatic add & denomination switching, you can count your cash drawer in under 2 minutes. Save up to 100 count reports in the memory or export them to a PC. Reference numbers also enable you to tag your count report with a till or cashier.

Market Leading Display With Quick Menu

Unlike other products with digital number displays & complex keypads, the ZZap MS40 uses a unique LCD display with an easy to use control panel. Thanks to its extra large display it’s able to show detailed menus & instructions, making operation quick & painless.

Each report clearly displays the breakdown of the counting results for each category (banknotes, coins, banknote bundles, coin bags/rolls) along with subtotals and the grand total counted.

The main screen shows in real-time what you need to know: the selected currency and denomination, the quantity and value counted per denomination and the grand total counted.

Count Your Entire Cash Drawer In 2 Minutes

Thanks to its high-speed weighing system, automatic denomination switching & high load capacity, the ZZap MS40 can count an entire cash drawer quicker than most money counting scales.

Simply place each coin denomination on the scale in the provided coin cup, then each banknote denomination in small stacks. In as little as 2 minutes the job is done.

Unique 2KG Load Capacity

Similar to its fast counting speed, the MS40 cash scale also has the highest maximum load capacity in its class. The MS40’s impressive 2 KG weighing capacity means less time refilling the coin cup and more time for other responsibilities. In fact the MS40 can count over 600 coins in just over a second.

0 Coins Counted In 1 Second

Count New, Worn & Different Versions Of Cash

The longer coins & banknotes are in circulation the more worn and degraded they become. This effects their weight. The MS40’s unique precision accuracy allows you to count new & worn cash together.

Central banks issues new banknotes and coins. Both the new and old version can be in circulation for years. The MS40 money scale offers maximum flexibility since it can count 2 versions of a denomination as apposed to just one.

Counts Coins, Banknotes, Coin Bags & Banknote Bundles

The MS40 scale reliably counts loose coins and banknotes. Thanks to the latest technology the MS40 can count one or more coin bags, coin rolls and banknote bundles.

It can even count banknote bundles that are in currency straps, money clips and envelopes.

Calibrate Any Coin Cup

To streamline your cash-counting, the MS40 can be calibrated to work with your own cash drawer coin cups or other containers.

There is no need to fumble getting coins out of your cash drawer, simply place each coin cup straight on the scale. The end result is maximum efficiency.

Save & View Detailed Count Reports

The MS40 unique internal memory can store an impressive 100 count reports that can be viewed at any time. Unlike most products, the MS40 can display your reports in a detailed, easy to read format.

Download Free Updates & Export Results

New banknotes or coins issued? No problem. Updates and instructions can be downloaded, free of charge from our website. We work with Central Banks to ensure the update is available before the new banknote or coin enters circulation.

To save you time you can export your counting reports to a PC. Each report includes a detailed breakdown of the counting results. Perfect for audit trails & record keeping.

Count Multiple Currencies

The MS40’s state-of-the-art sensors are engineered to count even the most advanced currencies. 4 currencies are installed & others can be downloaded.

Installed currencies:

  • GBP - British Pound Sterling (English banknotes only)
  • EUR - EURO
  • USD - United States Dollar
  • CHF - Swiss Franc
  • Contact us to install a custom currency package

Automatic Add & Scroll Features

The MS40 takes productivity a step further. As soon as you remove the cash from the MS40, the counting result will be added to the running total and the selected denomination will automatically change so it’s ready to count the next denomination. No buttons to press.

Alternatively, these functions can be switched off or if needed, manually selected at a push of a button.

Reference Numbers & Date-Time Stamps

Use reference numbers to tag count reports with tills or cashiers for improved accountability and audit trails. Date-time stamps also make administration easier.

Counts Tokens, Chips, Vouchers & Tickets

The MS40 money counting scale can count non-cash items as well as currency. In just a few seconds you can calibrate the MS40 to automatically count any item.

Latest Automatic Self-Calibration

Whether you are moving the MS40 around the office or taking it to another country, it will always be ready for use.

Did you know, different countries have a different gravitational pull. Therefore we engineered a unique country select feature to ensure you get accurate results no matter what country you’re in.

Compact & Portable Design

The MS40 space-saving design enables it to fit perfectly on small countertops. It’s also lightweight making it easy to transport to another workstation, whenever and wherever it’s needed.

15 cm16.2 cm

Precision Weighing Scale

In addition to its many features, the MS40 can also be used to accurately weigh any item in grams.

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Technical Details

Technical Details

  • Suitable for the new & old £1 coin
  • Suitable for new & old GBP notes
  • Suitable for new & old EUR notes
  • Maximum load: 2 KG
  • Weight: 0.8 KG
  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 15 x 16.2 cm
  • Power: AC100-240V/50-60Hz
  • CE certified

Package Contents

  • ZZap MS40 Money Counting Scale
  • Coin cup
  • User manual
  • Hopper
  • Power lead & adaptor
3 year warranty

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