How Do ZZap Money Counting Scales Work?

ZZap money counting scales are the ultimate all-in-one time saver. They have the unique ability to count coins, bills, coin rolls/bags, bill bundles and non-cash items. Before we look into how they work, lets take a look at the different types of money counting scales.

Types Of Money Counting Scales

Coin Counting Scales

Coin counting scales such as the ZZap MS10 only count coins and coin rolls/bags. They generally have a higher load capacity than money counting scales, so it’s possible to count more coins at once. Coin counting scales are usually simplistic and don’t have as many functions as money counting scales.

Coin-Counter-Machine-Currency-money scales MS10

Money Counting Scales

Money counting scales such as the ZZap MS40 count coins, bills, coin rolls/bags and bill bundles. They also include advanced functionality such as reference numbers, date/time stamps and an internal memory for saved counting reports. They are designed to be all-in-one units that automate your entire cash handling process.

ZZap MS40 money scale coin counter bill counter has Unique 4.4 pound weight capacity

How Weight-Based Counting Works

Weight-based counting relies on finely calibrated load cells that generate an electrical signal that is directly proportionate to the weight being measured. The scale already has the weights of every installed currency and denomination in the memory. It uses the electrical signal and the data in the memory to accurately count the total quantity and value.

Coin-Counter-Machine-Currency-money scales MS10

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Weight-Based Counting

The main advantage for counting by weight is that both coins and bills can be counted as well as coin rolls/bags and bill bundles. Once calibrated money scales can even count non-cash items such as tokens or vouchers. Bill counters and coin counters are limited in this sense.

On the other hand money scales are limited to counting sorted coins and bills. Furthermore bill counters and coin counters perform functions such as batch counting and counterfeit detection. Ultimately the best counting device is dependant on the user’s requirements.

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ZZap MS40 money scale coin counter bill counter Counts loose coins & bills. As well as coin bags, coin rolls & bill bundles

The Reliability Of Weight-Based Counting

Counting money by weight is a proven way to reliably count cash. Furthermore coin and bill denominations often have slight weight variations since they pick up dirt and oil. Precision money counting scales such as the ZZap MS40 are programmed to take into account these variations using weight tolerances. As a result money counting scales can count coins and bills quickly, accurately and reliably.

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ZZap MS40 coin scale coin counter has market leading display with quick menu

Counting Non-Cash Items

Some weight-based counters can be calibrated to count non-cash items that have the same weight, such as tokens, vouchers, casino chips, tickets, etc. A general calibrating procedure would involve placing a number of items on the scale and then inputting into the scale the number of items. From this, the scale can work out the average weight of one item enabling it to calculate any number of items placed on the scale.

ZZap MS40 money scale coin counter bill counter Counts tokens, chips, vouchers & tickets