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ZZap is simply the best cash handling retailer. We established ZZap in 2010 with a vision to redefine the cash handling industry and bring it into the 21st century. Since then we have slowly but surely, created and perfected our own bespoke product range, setting a new benchmark in cash handling.

All our products ultimately cut costs and increase profit, making them the perfect investment. They also make each working day that bit easier. We also offer a reassuring 3 year warranty for complete piece of mind.

ZZap was in the top 10 businesses in London for the

Lloyds TSB Business Awards

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We love serving our clients and we love what we do. We are proud to work with a diverse range of businesses each with their own specific requirements.

ZZap is all about offering that bit extra care and our clients appreciate it. And don't just take our word for it. We have over 4,000 stunning customer reviews that speak for themselves.

Over 4000 Customer Reviews
Over 10,000 Units Sold In Over 25 Countries

ZZap's Clientele


Excellent machine. This is excellent and amazing value for money, because I bought another brand from safescan, it’s not helpful, but this machine is doing better than the other machine. I’m happy with the product and highly recommended. Thanks for zzap


A great buy. Saves time counting and counting and counting. Like I used to do. I can bank my deposited hours earlier.

Judy Doyle

Fast counter

sarb k.

Nice product

Martin chidati

Happy deal with thanks. Great service


A star company


Totally satisfied very quickly delivered


Very good




What Can ZZap Do For You?

ZZap cash handling machines count quicker and more accurately than your most experienced employee while detecting counterfeits with 100% accuracy. They can sort & batch your cash ready for banking and can even verify items such as driving licences. And that's not to mention their excellent portability.

The result is your organizations cash handling process is simplified, streamlined and inexpensive. That’s why our customers can realise a return on investment within months, not years.

  • Return On Investment In Months
  • Save Time And Money
  • Eliminate Human Error
  • Return On Investment In Months
  • Save Time And Money
  • Eliminate Human Error

Count Cash Up To 29x Faster

Count Mixed Denomination Bills 29x Faster Than Hand Counting
Count Coins 15x Faster Than Hand Counting
  • Reports Total Per Denomination
  • Upload Count Reports To A PC
  • Count Multiple Currencies
change counter can batch coins

Automatically Sort & Batch Count Cash

Perfect For Preparing

  • Coin Rolls & Bank Bags
  • Cash Drawers
  • Deposits
  • Coin Rolls & Bank Bags
  • Cash Drawers
  • Deposits
change counter can batch coins

Detect Counterfeits With Up To 100% Accuracy

Checks A Bill In Less Than 0.5 Seconds
  • Works On Battery Power
  • Checks Multiple Currencies
  • Central Bank Certified