How Do ZZap Coin Counters Work?

ZZap coin counters are designed to simplify your cash handing process, save time and eliminate human error. Before we look into how they work, it’s important to understand the different types of coin counters.

Types Of Coin Counters

Coin Sorters

Coin sorters such as the ZZap CS10 sort coins into separate tubes. Once the coins are sorted, counting has to be done manually. To make life easier the ZZap CS10 has markings on each tube to indicate the quantity counted.

Perfect For

Low Coin Volumes




Coins sorted into tubes

Coin Counters

Coin counters such as the ZZap CC10 can only count one denomination at a time. The user can select a denomination using the dials on the machine. Coin counters are perfect for amusement arcades and other establishments that deal with large volumes of presorted coins.

Perfect For Counting

Presorted Coins

Designed For

Large Coin Volumes

ZZap CC10 coin counter machine has Large hopper for high volume, continuous counting

Coin Counters & Sorters

Coin counters and sorters such as the ZZap CS30 sort the coins into separate trays while displaying the total value and quantity counted. They can also report the total value and quantity counted for each denomination.

CS30-Coin-Money-Counter-Sorter-Machine-Cash-Currency-Counting-GBP-Automatic-UK-ZZap-Auto-Stop Prevents Overfilling

Coin Counter Functionality

Coin counters are not all created equal. Their counting speed, functionality and design vary. At one end of the spectrum you have coin sorters such as the ZZap CS10 that perform only one function and have a low sorting speed (still a lot faster than if you sorted them manually). At the other end of the spectrum you have coin counters such as the ZZap CS80 that perform advanced coin rejection and are designed to handle millions of coins per year.

Foreign & Counterfeit

Coin Rejection

Counts 600 Coins

Per Minute

Processes 6,000,000 Coins

Per Year
CS80 displaying value and quantity of coins

The Currencies Coin Counters Can Count

Unlike banknote counters, coin counters are only configured to count one currency. That’s why ZZap offers coin counters for different currencies.

ZZap Offers


Currency Versions

CS40 money counter coin counter