ZZap D30 Counterfeit Detector

Product Features


  • Verifies all world currencies
  • Verifies driving licences, passports, etc
  • 2 x 9 Watt UV light detection
  • Magnetic detection
  • Watermark & metallic thread detection
  • Long-life bulbs
  • Integrated reflector for extra UV light quality
  • Small & compact
  • Easy bulb replacement

Why you’ll love the D30?

The D30's 3-fold counterfeit detection makes sure you can verify your banknotes and official items with complete confidence. Furthermore its quality design means it will be reliable for years to come.

The D30’s twin 9 Watt long-life bulbs ensure only the best in ultraviolet light detection. Add magnetic and white light detections and the result is a great all round counterfeit detector. The D30’s compact size and robust PVC housing also makes it ideal for any countertop or point of sale location.

Powerful UV light detection

Genuine banknotes and some official items incorporate invisible UV marks that only become visible when exposed to ultraviolet light. The D30 uses two powerful 9 Watt UV bulbs to clearly illuminate any UV marks. No matter how worn a banknote or how brightly lit the environment, the D30 ensures you can verify your banknotes & official items with complete confidence.

Verifies official items

The D30 instantly illuminates UV marks on official items, ideal for verifying driving licences, credit/debit/bank cards, passports, ID cards, cheques, permits, stamps, certificates of authenticity on software packaging and other official items with UV marks. It also illuminates UV ink such as smartwater or selectaDNA.

Magnetic detection

Genuine banknotes and some official items incorporate magnetic ink/metallic thread. When the magnetic ink/metallic thread is rubbed against the MG sensor the D30 will emit a sound and illuminate a red light to confirm its authenticity.

Watermark detection

Genuine banknotes and some official items incorporate watermarks and metallic thread that become visible when held to light. The D30’s large white light makes the watermarks and metallic thread clearly distinguishable whilst also making microprint more visible. Simple, fast, effective detection.

Long life bulbs

The D30 long life bulbs can last twice as long as standard bulbs so you won’t need to think about replacing the bulbs any time soon.

Integrated reflector

Better reflection means better detection. The integrated reflector makes sure all of the UV light is harnessed and reflected at the banknote or item, giving you the best possible view of its UV marks.

Small & compact

The D30’s compact size and robust PVC housing makes it ideal for any countertop or point of sale location. Why go big when you can go small?

23 cm14.8 cm

Technical Details

Technical Details

  • CE certified
  • UV bulb wattage: 2 x 9 Watt
  • White bulb wattage: 4 Watt
  • Net weight: 900 grams
  • Dimensions: 125 x 230 x 148 mm
  • Power source: AC220-240/50Hz

Package Contents

  • ZZap D30 Counterfeit Detector
  • Power cable
  • User manual

Optional Extras

3 year warranty

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