ZZap Coin Counters

Quickly identify worthless counterfeits

ZZap Coin Counters and Sorters can count coins up to 15x faster than manual counting. In fact, our coin counting machines can count up to £2,300 in just 30 seconds. You can rest assured that all our coin counters and sorters are new £ ready, with batch counting and automatic foreign coin rejection functionality built in. Better still, all of our products come with 3 year warranty.
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  • Specification
  • Function
  • Counting speed
  • Hopper capacity
  • Tray capacity
  • Add function
  • Batch counting
  • Reports total value
  • Reports total quantity
  • Reports total value per denomination
  • Reports total quantity per denomination
  • Printer port for external printer
  • Inbuilt thermal printer
  • Export count reports to a PC
  • Presorting hopper
  • Rejects foreign/counterfeit/odd coins
  • Save & view count reports in the memory
  • Optional coin bag trays
  • Counts all currencies
  • Counts tokens, casino chips, etc
  • Sorting disc type
  • Display type
  • Warranty period
  • Net weight
  • Dimensions (depth x width x height)
  • Power source

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