ZZap Accessories

Enhance your ZZap product

Whether it's a USB cable to display your counting result on a PC or a vehicle power adaptor to use on the road, our accessories enhance your ZZap product.
3 Year Warranty
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External displays
  • Yes
Coin bag trays
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Dust covers
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ZZap P20 Thermal Printer

Compatible with the ZZap CS40

Feature Score Feature Score
  • Prints the full counting report
  • Uses widely available printing paper
  • Prints in seconds
  • Lightweight
  • USB cable included
  • A paper rolls is included
  • Nearly silent printing
  • No ink required
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91.22 (ex. VAT)

ZZap USB Cable

Connects your device to a PC

Feature Score Feature Score
  • For the ZZap NC50, NC60, NC70, CS70 & CS80
  • Connects the machine to a PC
  • Enables currency updates
  • Enables you to export reports to a PC
  • Quick & easy to use
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4.55 (ex. VAT)